About Rapsio

Rapsio is an advertising service that enables advertisers to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads or view the ads. It delivers high quality traffic to advertisers through high performance ad units and competitive pricing.

Mako Labs LLC
P.O. Box 908
Cardiff, California


Every advertiser is assisted by a Rapsio Sales Representative when they first sign up. The Rapsio team has extensive online advertising experience that can assist on any campaign.



Ad Units

Rapsio currently supports two ad types; in-text ads and interstitials.

In-Text Ads

• 100% user initiated
• Matches creative to keywords and phrases
• 60% more effective than traditional banner display placements


Rapsio’s technology delivers your interstitial to the consumer at the moment of interest. It will generate unparalleled yields.


Rapsio offers many reports and optimization tools to our advertisers through the interface. These reports and tools help advertisers optimize ad campaigns.
These reports can be generated at various levels, including:

• Campaigns
• Ad Creative
• Keywords